Martha: A prequel of The Stationmaster’s Cottage



1972. It is four years since Martha Ryan’s world crashed around her. Fleeing to England to study teaching, she had left everything behind. Her beloved seaside town of River’s End, her big sister, Dorothy, and the one man she loves beyond reason.

After the untimely death of her father, she finds a new home in Ireland. There, she
buys a cottage, embarking on a career as a teacher in the small town, and travelling during every long school holiday. She finds friendships, relationships, and adventures.

But dreams haunt her. Deep down, she longs for her home town in Australia, and to see Dorothy. Will a life well lived be enough, or is one letter the turning point to risk everything she’s come to love?

This short prequel can be read first, or alongside any of the books in the series.

Paperback $10 including postage within Australia, or pick up from author for $8. Ebook available on Amazon.