Tales of Life and Daph


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A retreat in the mountains sounds perfect with spa treatments for Daphne and fishing for John. Until a killer strikes…

Daphne Jones is invited to an exclusive conference in the high country in Victoria. The annual meeting of wedding officiants is her first and she’s excited to attend sessions with her peers. In between a bit of spoiling, of course.

Within hours of John leaving for an overnight camping trip to the best fishing river in the region, Daphne is knee-deep in a fountain full of puzzles in the middle of the night. Literally. Was there really a body in the water feature or is this an elaborate hoax?

A note arrives with a terrible warning. Murder is on the menu at the banquet. But who is the target? People are quick to point fingers at Daphne whose sleuthing reputation preceded her. She suspects there is a whole lot more going on in this Bridgerton-style hotel and between power outages, planted evidence, and lost diamonds, closes in on the killer.

Until the only way down the mountain is blocked.

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