Christmas is for our pets as well!

Christmas is a time of family gatherings, lots of food, presents, decorations and activities. Humans show love through food, lavishing goodies onto our friends and family.

For our pets, particularly dogs and cats, Christmas is also exciting with lots of coming and going, delicious smells, and interesting additions to the house such as baubles, gifts, and a tree. With a bit of care and planning, your pet will enjoy a safe and stress free day as well.

This time of year puts makes us generous, and sharing our lovely Christmas food and nibbles with our pet seems harmless. A few berries (some dogs and cats adore blueberries!) and raw vegetables such as carrots, green beans and zucchini are generally a safe option. Whilst cooked meat is not very beneficial to dogs and cats (their gut works best with raw), a snippet of turkey or lean piece of pork might satisfy our need to spoil them.

Because our pets are so important, it is worth knowing what to avoid and keeping an eye on guests so that this special day doesn’t turn into an emergency dash to the vet. My list is not exhaustive, so google is your friend to get a full rundown, but foods to forbid include: cooked bones, highly salted/processed or fatty meats, chocolate (any amount may be toxic), grapes/sultanas, seeds from stone fruit, avocados, onion, cheese/dairy (most dogs are lactose intolerant), alcohol, caffeine, corn cobs, any product containing Xylitol, pretzels/chips, pudding/cake, cherries, nutmeg.

Christmas trees are delightful for cats, in particular, but I remember two of our dogs removing every bauble they could reach one year whilst we were out. As cute as it is to see them play around a tree, lights and decorations do pose some risk, so keep an eye on them.


Some pets love the added excitement of visitors and the displacement of normal events, but for others, stress can become a real problem. If your pet is one of these, find them a part of the house they can retreat to without intrusion, somewhere quiet and with their favourite bed and toy. New pets – often kittens and puppies – may be overwhelmed by the double whammy of leaving their birth home and being part of a new, highly stimulating environment. Ensure they have plenty of ‘quiet time’, a secure place to be, and not too much handling by people they don’t know.

What makes a great Christmas present for a pet? Our Labrador, Maverick, would say ‘everything’! This year he is getting a new Kong, an interactive toy, a Christmas soft penguin, and one packet of air dried treats. He loves unwrapping his gifts, so we ensure no paper or sticky tape makes it into his tummy.

When selecting gifts, either for your pet or someone else’s, look for well-made, branded toys such as Kong, Chuck-it, Tuffy, Rogz, and Aussie Dog. Cats love the Catit and Kong Cat range. Avoid generic tennis balls (can be toxic) and cheap plastic/rubber toys.

Deer antlers, cow’s hooves, and goat horns make wonderful long lasting chews that suit most dogs and are a safer option if given unsupervised.

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  1. Great post about remembering what is actually good and not good for our special family pets at this time of year.
    Merry Christmas

  2. I don’t own a pet but my dear friend shared her dog Choko with me and she comes for sleep overs etc all the time!! I usually buy her her favourite snack a couple of toys and something funny to wear on Christmas Day! And she doesn’t like dressing up which makes it so much fun !! Merry Christmas!!

  3. Great post Phillipa, I love that you remembered pets this Christmas. Our dog will be getting a wrapped dog toy under the tree and she’ll love to open it with the rest of us on the day.

  4. Somehow my comment disappeared so I will try again. We love our cat and are mindful of giving her food that will make her ill. she would really rather lick a plastic bag or play with a cardboard box than any new toy we buy. This year we have given her a special food treat other than her normal dry food diet. she will probably spend Christmas Day in our bedroom trying to escape the extra visitors.

  5. Loved the article about Christmas being for pets too. When we had a dog, we kept a baby gate around our Christmas tree to keep her out of the ornaments and presents. It worked until she was old enough to jump over it. She was a Newfoundland. wonderful pet. thanks again for sharing

  6. I don’t have a pet but if I did it would probably get treats at Christmas. Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  7. We have no pets at this time. Unfortantly there are natural predators outside and we lost the last of our cats. Very informative about watching out for our pets inside. Have a happy holiday.

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