Did you know this?


Did you know that most of my books are connected? 

Rivers End begins the journey as old mysteries and family secrets take you on an emotional ride as wrongs are righted. This is where we meet Dr Charlotte Dean and Daphne Jones against the backdrop of the Great Southern Ocean.

The Charlotte Dean Mysteries takes us inland to Kingfisher Falls, as Charlie starts over in a bookshop. With her boss, Rosie (who rocks her wheelchair by the way), Charlotte finds herself in the middle of small town crime. And a chance for love.

Daphne and John Jones live in Rivers End but have retired, and in their restored caravan (Bluebell) travel between small towns so Daphne can officiate weddings and funerals. Having such a keen interest in helping people, it isn’t long before she has to release her inner sleuth. 

Visit Rivers End and you’ll find more than wild beaches and later in life romance… you’ll find a whole world.