From just one book…

In 2017, The Stationmaster’s Cottage was released as a standalone novel. I had no plans to write more about River’s End or the sweeping story of love lost and regained. Thanks to some rather persistent readers, I reconsidered and here we are in 2021, with the descendants of that first book.

The image shows how connected many of my stories are. In Jasmine Sea (book 2 River’s End), a young woman burst onto the scene and not only became an important character for two books, but then insisted on having her own series. The Charlotte Dean Mysteries are her story, and as the books go on, Trev Sibbritt, the police officer from River’s End, becomes central to Charlotte’s books.

In The Stationmaster’s Cottage, Christie Ryan meets a couple who run the local real estate agency. Daphne and John Jones are in the first four River’s End books and now have their own series, the Daphne Jones Mysteries.

Daphne and John make a cameo appearance in Charlotte’s series and one day, they will head back to River’s End. Who knows, perhaps Charlotte will join them as well.