Love Cozies? Meet Daphne.

Way back in 2017 in The Stationmaster’s Cottage, a wonderful character became part of the regular crew and something of a comic relief side-kick. She loved a bit of gossip but would never admit it, saw through bad people, and had a heart of gold. Making cookies was her go-to whether times were happy or sad… not that her husband was a fan. But John would never hurt the feelings of his high school sweetheart, Daphne.

Fast forward a few years and much happened to Daphne in the seaside town of River’s End. She helped stop criminals and saved people lost at sea. Discovered a love for a bit of sleuthing, thanks to Christie. And became a celebrant.

Coming soon is Daphne’s own series of cozy mysteries set in the beautiful countryside of Victoria, Australia. With her husband, she travels from town to town in a caravan named Bluebell, officiating at weddings, funerals, and any other events needing special words and her unique take on life. And a lot of them need her special sleuthing service!

Introducing The Daphne Jones Mysteries: Weddings. Funerals. Sleuthing.

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