Audiobooks almost here!

So excited to let you know the River’s End series is in production with Podium Audio and soon to release on Audible.

Each of the three audiobooks are bundled with another story from the series, giving listeners bonus hours of enjoyment.

The talented and award-winning Katherine Littrell is narrating the audiobooks and Podium Audio (The Martian) are the publishers.

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A thrilling new novel awaits

I am so excited to bring Last Known Contact to you on July 28 2020!

A crime suspense with romantic undertones, Last Known Contact is a standalone read set in Melbourne and the wilds of Gippsland.

Business magnate Jack Bannerman doesn’t show up for a planned sailing trip with his son-in-law… or does he? His daughter, Ellie, sets out to find what really happened that day.

Last Known Contact is on pre-order with Amazon here.

For our hearts and minds

As I watched many friends and people I know through social media and my work suffer from sadness, grief, and confusion as our world changed, I needed to reach out and offer some comfort. As a writer, it is through my words I am able to do so.

Simple Words for Troubled Times is a bit like a chat with a friend over coffee. Short chapters with practical ways to reduce worry, find happiness, deal with pressures such as many have never experienced.

Read in any order, anytime, anywhere. Available at Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and GooglePlay. Paperbacks on Amazon and soon widely available. Audio coming soon.


Escaping to books

How wonderful are books? No matter what is around us, opening those pages or scrolling our device casts us into another place.

We might discover a new love, or a new life. Solve a mystery or watch as long-parted people reunite.

Nothing is out of our reach in a book. Other planets, dimensions, and times. Different species. Unique situations.

Our times are troubled and finding a silver lining not always easy, but for me, diving into a book lets me escape for a while and when I return to reality, I feel a little bit stronger.

Where are you escaping to?

A beautiful book trailer

The Stationmaster’s Cottage: Brazilian edition A Matter of Time

When I sold Portuguese rights to Leabhar Books last year, little did I expect so much support! This gorgeous video, with a lovely English language soundtrack, cuts to the heart of the story. I hope you enjoy.

Taming the Wind

My editor challenged me to write a story in time for Valentine’s Day, so I did! And what better story than how Thomas Blake & Martha Ryan met in 1966. Such a romantic tale.

‘…a quick and beautiful read, with lots of emotions’
Helen, Bookbub

Only time itself will erase our love…

On the edge of the Great Southern Ocean, an old jetty offers a haven for those seeking solace. A place by the sea to think. Plan. And dream.

As the daughter of the region’s wealthiest family, Martha Ryan has everything a girl could ask for. Money means nothing because her soul longs for adventure, love and a family of her own.

Thomas Blake is an artist weighed down by duty. Expected to follow his father into employment by the Ryan family as stationmaster, he yearns for the freedom to paint.

A chance meeting at the jetty one dawn changes both their lives. But will the expectations and prejudices of their families destroy their future?  

Fall in love with Thomas and Martha in Taming the Wind, prequel of The Stationmaster’s Cottage. Perfect as a standalone with its own happy ever after, or follow the lives and loves of the residents in River’s End across all six books.

Buy Taming the Wind now. Only 99c

The Christmas Tree Thief

I’m so excited to share news of a new series. When I wrote Jasmine Sea, a new character appeared and demanded to be introduced. Dr Charlotte Dean made quite an impression in that book and then in The Secrets of Palmerston House.

But Charlotte had other things to do, so moved to a beautiful small town named Kingfisher Falls.

The Christmas Tree Thief is the first of her own series, mysteries in a whodunit style with just a dash (or sometimes a deluge) of danger.

Do you recall Charlotte’s first appearance?

The next two books are underway. Deadly Secrets is due for an early 2020 release, and Deadly Secrets around mid 2020.

I hope you’ll love Charlotte’s new life and cannot wait to share the whole series.

Paperbacks, or device?

I love both!

For the sheer convenience, a phone or reader allows me to have a book almost anywhere, and lots of them.

There is something so wonderful though about the feel and smell of a paperback. And I love to hold the books I write in my hands. So special!

Did you know I also publish in large print paperback? My eyesight is not what it used to be, so a larger print is perfect. The whole River’s End series is available in large print as well as regular print at Amazon, from my website, and some other booksellers.

Either way, I think we can agree… we love books!


Martha… and some changes

Where did she go for all those years? This short (11k) prequel tells all. It can be read first, or alongside any of the series.

With the arrival of Martha, I’ve moved all ebook versions of the series in Kindle Unlimited. Paperbacks are still available from selected booksellers and this website.