Deadly Past (Charlotte 4)



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Her old life is in the past. At least that’s what she thought…

Charlotte Dean finally has the quiet life she’s longed for Kingfisher Falls. But when a fire breaks out, killing a local, Charlotte is concerned it wasn’t an accident. Could there be something more sinister at play in this peaceful town?

She discovers evidence that the council has been clearing bushland behind the bookshop in secret and suspects there might be a link between the fire and plans for a new shopping mall. Even more worrying is the possibility that a much-loved local might have had something to do with the tragedy.

Charlotte’s also convinced someone is watching her every move. When she catches sight of the stalker, her new life is thrown upside down. Is Charlotte’s dark past catching up with her? And does she stand to lose everything that’s important to her, including the bookshop and those she loves?

The Charlotte Dean Mysteries are small town whodunits with a unique Australian twist from the author of The Stationmaster’s Cottage.