Doctor Grok’s Peculiar Shop (short stories 1-4)

131 page collection of four stories set in the same, slightly odd world of Doctor Grok.


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Doctor Grok knows what you need… not what you want. Short stories with a twist of magic.

COLONY: The heart knows what it needs… When a mysterious antiques shop appears in a dark alley, a cheating businessman gets more than he expects.

TABLE FOR TWO: To dance with his wife, one more time… All Walter wants is his fifty-fifth wedding anniversary at his favorite restaurant, but his greedy nephew has other ideas.

WISHING WELL: Every parent keeps something hidden… Three generations in one small apartment. Three wishes. When one wish tears them apart, will old secrets be too much to bear?

SCULPTURE: Rhonda gave up on her dreams long ago and now her father is losing his memories. A mystery box from a peculiar antique shop at Christmas time might be exactly what he needs. But there’s more to the contents than either of them expects.

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