Last Known Contact


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Jack Bannerman is missing after failing to meet his son-in-law to go sailing. There’s no evidence of foul play and no sign of a body. So where is Jack?

Ellie thought her father trusted her with his business empire but the discovery of a dark past challenges everything she believed. Her estranged husband was Jack’s last known contact but denies seeing him that day and seizes the opportunity to take over as acting CEO as if nothing untoward has happened. The detective in charge throws Ellie’s feelings of betrayal and loss into further turmoil because a long time ago, they loved each other. Now, she has to work with him to unravel the truth behind her father’s disappearance.

Jack’s trusted advisors are keeping secrets and Ellie’s desperate search for answers puts her in the dangerous sights of a killer.

With a body found at sea and a storm closing in, Ellie has to trust someone with what she knows.

But will trusting the wrong person be her deadliest mistake?

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