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In 2017, The Stationmaster’s Cottage was released as a standalone novel. I had no plans to write more about River’s End or the sweeping story of love lost and regained. Thanks to some rather persistent readers, I reconsidered and here we are in 2021, with the descendants of that first book.

The image shows how connected many of my stories are. In Jasmine Sea (book 2 River’s End), a young woman burst onto the scene and not only became an important character for two books, but then insisted on having her own series. The Charlotte Dean Mysteries are her story, and as the books go on, Trev Sibbritt, the police officer from River’s End, becomes central to Charlotte’s books.

In The Stationmaster’s Cottage, Christie Ryan meets a couple who run the local real estate agency. Daphne and John Jones are in the first four River’s End books and now have their own series, the Daphne Jones Mysteries.

Daphne and John make a cameo appearance in Charlotte’s series and one day, they will head back to River’s End. Who knows, perhaps Charlotte will join them as well.

Do you love suspense?

Last Known Contact is a crime suspense with a touch of romance and is a standalone. It is a book I loved writing and admit to rereading on occasion. Ellie is one of those characters who made me cross at times but also gave me tears and joy. She is stronger than she believes – certainly in the beginning – and has a lot to learn about herself along the way.

Ellie’s father is missing. Jack should have met up with Ellie’s husband to go sailing but didn’t show. Or did he? Described by Matt Pechy (Reedsy reviewer) as ‘a fast-paced story that keeps the reader guessing until all the pieces fall into place. Recommended for those who love a good mystery where family ties are severed, as well as the reader who enjoys a police procedural with some dramatic flair.’

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Last Known Contact is available in ebook from Amazon (in Kindle Unlimited until 20 June so download now to read at your leisure before it disappears), and will soon be on all ebook retailers. Also in paperback from Amazon, most online retailers, my paperback shop on this website, and from libraries. Not in your library? They can order using ISBN 9780648865292.

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Love Cozies? Meet Daphne.

Way back in 2017 in The Stationmaster’s Cottage, a wonderful character became part of the regular crew and something of a comic relief side-kick. She loved a bit of gossip but would never admit it, saw through bad people, and had a heart of gold. Making cookies was her go-to whether times were happy or sad… not that her husband was a fan. But John would never hurt the feelings of his high school sweetheart, Daphne.

Fast forward a few years and much happened to Daphne in the seaside town of River’s End. She helped stop criminals and saved people lost at sea. Discovered a love for a bit of sleuthing, thanks to Christie. And became a celebrant.

Coming soon is Daphne’s own series of cozy mysteries set in the beautiful countryside of Victoria, Australia. With her husband, she travels from town to town in a caravan named Bluebell, officiating at weddings, funerals, and any other events needing special words and her unique take on life. And a lot of them need her special sleuthing service!

Introducing The Daphne Jones Mysteries: Weddings. Funerals. Sleuthing.

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Audiobooks almost here!

So excited to let you know the River’s End series is in production with Podium Audio and soon to release on Audible.

Each of the three audiobooks are bundled with another story from the series, giving listeners bonus hours of enjoyment.

The talented and award-winning Katherine Littrell is narrating the audiobooks and Podium Audio (The Martian) are the publishers.

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A thrilling new novel awaits

I am so excited to bring Last Known Contact to you on July 28 2020!

A crime suspense with romantic undertones, Last Known Contact is a standalone read set in Melbourne and the wilds of Gippsland.

Business magnate Jack Bannerman doesn’t show up for a planned sailing trip with his son-in-law… or does he? His daughter, Ellie, sets out to find what really happened that day.

Last Known Contact is on pre-order with Amazon here.