Welcome! I write from my heart about love, dreams, secrets, discovery, the sea, the world as I know it… or wish it to be. I love happy endings, heart-pounding suspense, and characters who stay with you long after the final page.

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Miranda Layton has too many balls in the air at a time – if running her grooming salon and building her dog walking clientele isn’t enough, there’s her elderly grandfather who wanders off at the drop of a hat. As much as she adores her life in Bindarra Creek, she is always just one catastrophe away from failure.

Blair Maxwell is at a loose end on a break from his job as a sports physiotherapist in the city. He’s home to spend Christmas with his brother and to catch up with old friends, including Miranda, but then he’s back to his normal life.

Falling off a ladder while setting up decorations in the salon is the last thing Miranda needed. Rather than lose clients, she reluctantly allows Blair to take over dog walking while she heals. Working together brings out new feelings – not the kind she wants. After all, she’s too busy for love and his home is far away.

Unless a missing loved one and the magic of Christmas can work a miracle for them both.

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A sweet and clean Bindarra Creek Christmas romance novella. Releases 18 December.


Her perfect tree change is about to turn deadly…

Nellie Sinclair swaps her life in Sydney for the hamlet of Glenmeer, close to the outback town of Bindarra Creek. Buying a farmhouse sight unseen, she arrives to find no power, a leaky roof, and the unsettling discovery that somebody has recently been inside.

Kane Maxwell, local tour guide and Nellie’s neighbour, is less than impressed with the big plans of this city slicker and suspects there’s more to her tree change than she’s willing to admit.

Keen to build her new graphic design business, Nellie talks Kane into letting her overhaul his brochures and signage. He agrees to give her a guided tour of the National Park to gather images.

They stumble across a makeshift shelter where belongings lie scattered, including photographs of Nellie’s house. As a sense of foreboding overwhelms her, she and Kane hike to an old house on the river where there is phone service, but when they step inside, somebody is waiting.

For her.

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A sweet and clean Bindarra Creek romantic suspense novel. Releases 14 January.


He needs a girlfriend. She needs a job. Pity they can’t stand each other!

Olivia loves working at Maple Gardens Assisted Living and adores the residents and their families. Apart from the annoying son of one her charges who spills his drink on her and doesn’t even apologise. Her small act of revenge is satisfying… until she discovers who she just made an enemy of.

Isaac wants nothing more than to expand Maple Gardens into other states and the invitation of a potential backer to visit for an important Christmas party is perfect. Except, Isaac lied about having a girlfriend… and is expected to bring her.

Flying across the country together in a private jet is one thing. Pretending to be in love is quite another. But New York at Christmas time is about to work its magic.

Part billionaire romance, part fake boyfriend, and a whole lot of enemies to lovers… all wrapped up in a clean and sweet contemporary romance with a swoony happy ever after.

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